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With rising rates of personal debts, a fragile economy, more frequent business collapses and the prevalence of individuals living far beyond their means, the incidence of debtors “skipping” appears to be experiencing a dramatic increase within recent years.   For the financier, the process of locating the debtor can often prove infinitely more costly in terms of time, money and productivity than the balance of the entire recovery procedure.  Outsourcing the debtor location process to a specialised skip tracing agency offering a timely and cost effective solution is now the preferred alternative to the constant drain on the financier’s collections department.


Perhaps you are a solicitor or accountant seeking the whereabouts of a witness, person of interest, beneficiary or an individual you may otherwise have urgent need to contact?   


Australian People Locators are licenced Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents with a wealth of experience, resources and expertise in the field of skip tracing.  Our formally trained and dedicated team of investigators will systematically and meticulously examine all available leads, conduct every personal and asset database search available within Australia, undertake local and regional telephone enquiries and carry out field calls where necessary.


We are not limited by geographic boundaries, offering our comprehensive tracing services on an Australia-wide basis.  With Australian People Locators, you can be rest assured that all work is conducted with the highest level of professionalism, enthusiasm, expertise and discretion on offer.  Our reporting is comprehensive and our pricing is very competitive, based on the degree of work conducted rather than a flat fee.  Most importantly, we are effective and we will find the person you are seeking.


For further information please contact us or if you prefer, you may submit an on-line skip trace request by clicking here.