When you need to know where they are...

Locating missing persons throughout Australia

Australian People Locators dedicated team of investigators have many years of formal training and professional experience in the field of locating missing persons. 

Whether it be your loved one who has mysteriously disappeared, a family member with whom you have lost touch over the years, a friend or associate you need to establish contact with, or someone you just need to find, Australian People Locators can assist.

Apart from offering the most comprehensive Australian database searching resources in Australia, we also provide a professional, thorough and effective investigative service to assist in reuniting you with those you seek.  

We appreciate that all circumstances are different and we ensure that each case is handled with the discretion, prudence and due care required. Where necessary, our investigators will interview witnesses, family, friends and associates, obtaining and fully investigating any possible leads.  Through our comprehensive network of affiliated agents throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, we can conduct enquiries for you on a truly nationwide basis, either via telephone communication or conducting face to face visits where required.

Whilst the vast majority of missing persons in Australia are located within the first week of going missing*, there are those very sad and unfortunate times when for one reason or another, the person remains missing.   We cannot possibly guarantee to locate every missing person we are engaged to locate but we will certainly guarantee that we will afford you every resource available and that we will fully investigate and exhaust every possible lead. Our clients are regularly updated on progress and within the shortest possible timeframe; we will provide you with our professional and genuine assessment of the overall situation and the likelihood of an early success.

Please feel free to contact us to further discuss our services and pricing or you may prefer to provide us with an on-line missing persons request by clicking here.

*Source - Australian Institute of Criminology 2000 - click here for full report.